Our Story

Blurred is a Perth based male streetwear clothing line. Established in 2021 by lifelong friends Keegan Power & Connor White. We were inspired to create a streetwear line while contributing and giving back to the community. Our vision is to create quality streetwear with our own unique niche, designs and ideas. Blurred's aim is to bring awareness to mental health; concussion and the effects it leaves its victims with. Blurred's name was inspired by the personal struggles Co-owner Keegan Power.
Keegan was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome in March 2020, from a build of head knocks. He struggled with many symptoms but most of all vertigo and pro-longed headaches. Unfortunately, he was forced to stop work, football, social outings, and most of all his quality of life was diminished. The vertigo was so severe it stopped him from doing basic day to day tasks. This has been detrimental to his mental health and general wellbeing.
 Through this tough time Keegan was able to kick start his recovery through the help of his family and mates. ‘Mates Helping Mates’ is the foundation of our company and something we truly believe in as our core value. We at Blurred believe mateship is a big part of life and the ability to rely on your mates in a time of need is so important and should not be underestimated.
 While Keegan was struggling he was lucky enough to reach out to others who were going through similar situations, he came across an organisation called @inbetweentheears who creates awareness about concussion. @inbetweentheears provides support and guidance on how to best recover from a concussion. They were a major aid in Keegan's recovery, like @inbetweentheears we are invested in spreading the awareness around post concussion and hope to aid and inspire as many people as possible.
We are a passionate team that takes pride and joy in both creating our clothes and spreading awareness. We value each individual customer, and we hope to have your support during this exciting time. –  Connor & Keegan